What is the turnaround time?

Our usual production time to make custom made orders is between 2-4 weeks plus standard post with Australia post of about 2-10 working days depending on location.

What is postage time?

We use standard post with Australia post, 2-10 working days depending on location once order is completed.

Where are you located?

We are located in Burleigh, Gold Coast, Australia.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we can ship to any location in Australia or Overseas.

Can I pick up?

Yes you can pick up by arrangement by emailing us on [email protected]

Do you have a shop?

No we are an online shop only.

What is used inside your pram liners?

We use a thick 300GSM density polyester wadding inside our pram liners with a 100% cotton breathable fabric on the top (unless stated otherwise in the fabric name) We use polyester as this is the best wadding to use for its thickness for comfort and staying put in the pram, and it keeps its shape when washed.

Are your pram liners anti slip?

This is a hard question, as what makes a pram liner anti slip? in saying that, we use a much thicker padding than other brands and have side wings on our pram liners. this makes our pram liners stay up right and have a nice snug fit to your pram, with as little movement as possible.

What is the difference between regular fabrics and premium fabrics?

There is no difference in the quality of the fabrics. the only difference is, that we use different suppliers for our fabrics, and the premium fabrics cost much more than the regular fabrics do.

Do your pram liners come with harness strap covers?

No, harness strap covers are an added extra and be added to any pram liner.

Are your harness strap covers reversible like your pram liners?

Yes, if you order a reversible pram liner and add 1 paid of harness strap covers to your order, we will make them reversible to match your pram liner.

What prams do your universal pram liners fit?

Our universal pram liners come in 4 options and will fit any pram.
Universal pram liner extended length 3 point harness system.
Universal pram liner extended length 5 point harness system.
Universal pram liner short length 3 point harness system.
Universal pram liner short length 5 point harness system.

Extended length liners are for prams that have a footrest section that you want to cover. short length liners are for prams & strollers that do not have a footrest section, or if you do not want to cover the footrest section.

Make sure you order the correct harness strap system to suit your pram. there is 2 options of harness strap systems, 3 point system or 5 point system.

A 3 point system is when your shoulder straps and connected to the side straps and can not be undone. This system requires a 3 point harness system.

A 5 point harness system is when your pram has 5 straps. 2 shoulder straps, 2 side straps and 1 center strap (this is the case for most prams)

If you are not sure what harness system your pram has, then order the 3 point harness system as this system will fit both the 3 point and the 5 point harness systems.

What is the difference between Custom Fit and Universal pram liners?

Custom fit pram liners are made to your prams seat measurements and universal liners are a standard multi fit pram liner.

Peekaboo products are all custom made to order in Australia unless stated as being “In Stock” Please allow 2-5 weeks production plus postage of 2-8 days Australia wide. Overseas deliveries can take longer. Production times can take longer by up to 2 weeks during busy or sale period times, or public holidays. We aim to get every order made to perfection as fast as we can. You will get an email with tracking info once posted and we promise that our products are worth the wait. Thanks for supporting Australian Made!
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